Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photo shoot from a couple years ago..on the rooftop!

Me and my lil play sis/mentee trying sushi for the first time 2yrs ago at Kona Grill #Yum

Me and my beautiful twin celebrating our 25th birthday #MyBetterHalf :)

My fav vintage gaucho pants and H&M boots

My girls and me at Carnivale #FlexOnTheDevil #BigFroDontCare

My fav JC Litas and vintage bag...at the Kells concert last year

My beautiful cousin and me at my 26th bday party

A few goodies that I won at my first natural hair meetup speaking engagement...it was truly an honor and a blessing to speak to so many naturals in all phases #TeamNatural :)

Supporting our girl Alex at her art exhibit...we take great pics together!

These facial expressions lmbo

We're both looking just fab!

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