Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I have had quite a few people asking me to post photos of myself in order to get a glimpse of my own personal style. Initially, this was the purpose of my blog but I thought that it would be somewhat vain of me to solely post pictures of myself. Instead, I opted to post photos that I felt either inspire me or somehow channel my very own style in some way or another. However, after receiving some requests to post pictures of myself, I have now decided to mix things up a bit! Please tune in to the next couple postings below this one to go behind the scenes into the fashionable life and times of yours truly!!!

I appreciate the feedback, and everyone that supports my blog in every way! Please continue to provide this feedback so that I can continue to give my supporters and viewers what they want. My aim is to inspire you with style and grace :-)

Love & Blessings, Genovia Elle

At a natural hair fashion show over the weekend...pics coming soon to a blog near you!!! :)