Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I have had quite a few people asking me to post photos of myself in order to get a glimpse of my own personal style. Initially, this was the purpose of my blog but I thought that it would be somewhat vain of me to solely post pictures of myself. Instead, I opted to post photos that I felt either inspire me or somehow channel my very own style in some way or another. However, after receiving some requests to post pictures of myself, I have now decided to mix things up a bit! Please tune in to the next couple postings below this one to go behind the scenes into the fashionable life and times of yours truly!!!

I appreciate the feedback, and everyone that supports my blog in every way! Please continue to provide this feedback so that I can continue to give my supporters and viewers what they want. My aim is to inspire you with style and grace :-)

Love & Blessings, Genovia Elle

At a natural hair fashion show over the weekend...pics coming soon to a blog near you!!! :)

Shooting live on a construction site...this was so much fun and the construction workers were really cool lol

Denim jackets are timeless, and never cease to go out of style...at least in my book!

Like I said, this shoot was so much fun!!! Jump for joy :-)

My fav vintage sweater with strong shoulders and purple lipstick

At a comedy show on Valentine's Day about 2yrs ago...print tights can take any outfit to that next level

Wearing my fav statement necklace from Turkey on a night out with my linesisters in Miami #FunTimes

Distressed cut-off shorts are a must every summer...but ladies,
please make sure your goodies are not hanging out please!

At my beautiful mother's 50th birthday party!!

Groundbreaking style ;)

Me and my fav cuz/linesister/bff :-)

Statement rings!!!

Me and my other fav cuz!!! :)
Love my girls...we're looking so fab! We all have different personalities and different styles :)

And another one! I think infiniti scarves should be a stable in every man and woman's closet!!

Missing my big fro :(

This has to be one of my all time fav pics!!! Brown woven JC Lita's

Here we go again...love!!! :)

Photo shoot from about 3yrs ago...I won't talk about how I almost fell over this bridge sitting on this random bike that we came across lol #WackerDrive #Chicago #LoveMyCity

Photo shoot from 3yrs ago...my reflection from The Bean at Millineum Park #Dope

Bantu knots hairstyle (front view) #TeamNatural

Bantu knot hairstyle (back view) and peep the fresh mo-hawk!

Outside of Club Liv in Miami 3yrs ago

Kinky twists #TeamNatural :)
Photo shoot from a couple years ago..on the rooftop!

Me and my lil play sis/mentee trying sushi for the first time 2yrs ago at Kona Grill #Yum

Me and my beautiful twin celebrating our 25th birthday #MyBetterHalf :)

My fav vintage gaucho pants and H&M boots

My girls and me at Carnivale #FlexOnTheDevil #BigFroDontCare

My fav JC Litas and vintage bag...at the Kells concert last year

My beautiful cousin and me at my 26th bday party

A few goodies that I won at my first natural hair meetup speaking engagement...it was truly an honor and a blessing to speak to so many naturals in all phases #TeamNatural :)

Supporting our girl Alex at her art exhibit...we take great pics together!

These facial expressions lmbo

We're both looking just fab!