Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Part I: How to rock this Fall's fashion staples...must haves in your closet this season

Prints are very trendy this season...try mixing prints in your Fall looks!

I love these colors for this Fall...not to mention that sweaters/jumpers are staples every Fall and Winter seasons

Buns, neons, and cut off shorts...no it's not Summer anymore, but with some sheer or opaque tights, this look can easily be transitioned for Fall. Neon colors can stand out, while being toned down with neutrals colors such as black, grey, brown, and navy.

By now every woman should have at least one pair of color skinny jeans in her closet...I absolutely love this forest green color that can easily go with just about everything!

Berry lips and camo = DOPE

Turbans, chain belts, biker skirts, and animal prints

Faux leather everything!!!

African prints have segwayed into mainstream fashion...try incorporating African-inspired prints into your wardrobe this season...

This June Ambrose-esque look can easily be achieved with a printed blouse, oversized specs, and a bold color turban

Puffs and paisleys

Ladies, there is a way to look stylish in a cute pair of flats. And in my opinion, one cannot go wrong with animal print...hint hint!

Fellas, invest in a nice (tailored) suit jacket, a neutral colored scarf that will go with every outfit, and a classic timepiece

Elbow-patched jackets complement any look from business to casual. I'm so loving these cognac leather gloves that adds a hint of edge, yet a rather business professional touch to this look (not to mention they will keep those hands warm in the cold).

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bobbi Brown's "Pretty Powerful" Makeovers

Ladies, make-up should not subtract from one's beauty, but rather add to the beauty that every woman possesses. This is one thing that I absolutely love about Bobbi Brown. They specialize in a more natural and subtle application of make-up that is suitable for women of all ages, colors, occupations, etc. On this day, I had the pleasure of hooking five beautiful ladies up with a Bobbi Brown "Pretty Powerful" makeover. I too took pleasure in getting a makeover! These five beautiful winners were not only pampered with exceptional makeovers, but with impeccable service. I would like to send a special thank you to Bobbi Brown at 900 N. Michigan Bloomingdale's for treating me and my four lovely makeover winners with great hospitality. Now on to the winners...

1. Nedra Foster

2. Ashley Foster

 After (Ashley lost her makeup virginity this day heehee)

3. Andrea Hall

4. Tanzy Phillips

5. Angela Howard
After...somehow she snuck by without getting a before shot lol
Yours truly, Genovia Elle :)
 Before...with serious bags under my eyes smh lol

After...no more bags under my eyes!! Shoutout to Bobbi Brown's amazing concealer!
I would like to give a super special thank you to all of my winners of this makeover...thank you for allowing Bobbi Brown to accentuate the beauty on your already beautiful canvases, and thank you for your continued support of my blog!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Win a Bobbi Brown "Pretty Powerful" Make-over!!!

I am so excited about Bobbi Brown's Fall 2012 collection, Desert Twillight!! I attended a previous Bobbi Brown beauty blogger make-up event, and fell absolutely in love with the their new products. I was moreso captivated by the story and inspiration behind this particular line, and how Bobbi Brown stepped outside of her comfort zone by adding beautifully, bold colors. Somehow, Bobbi has still been able to maintain a rather natural look with this statement collection. So you ask, "What inspired this collection?" Bobbi Brown was inspired to launch this collection after shooting a photo shoot in the dessert. She was intrigued by how the sunset illuminated various shadows of color during the photo shoot, annd hence we now have Desert Twillight!

Check me out at the top left getting a skincare make-over! I love how Bobbi Brown places a special emphasis on skincare, and caters to all skin types from normal to oily to dry to acne-prone skin. There is something in store for everyone! What was even more amazing was the consultation that I recieved while getting pampered for the day. I learned about what products work best for my skin type, which is a combination of oily and dry skin. As a result, my skin felt great and very hydrated. I will definitely be revisiting 900 N. Michigan at Bloomingdale's for a few skincare products by Bobbi Brown. All of the sales associates were very personable and sweet, and were willing to help you in any way they could. They even had cookies, cupcakes, and beverages for our hunger pleasures...which might I add, were delicious (lol)!

I had to purchase the Bronzer/Blush Duo in Bahama Brown Shimmer Blush and Pink Peony Illuminating Bronzer :)

I now want to give 5 lucky winners the opportunity to try out this new collection, along with Bobbi Brown's other amazing products! Yes, I want to send 5 lucky ladies to get pampered for a day by Bobbi Brown at the 900 North Bloomingdale's on Saturday, August 25th from 4:30-5:00pm. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, August 21st.

Here are the 3 simple rules:

1. You must be a follower on my blog.

2. You must leave a comment on a previous post on my blog.

3. You must also leave a comment on this particular blog post stating why you deserve to win a Bobbi Brown "Pretty Powerful" make-over. Please include your full name and email address in your comment.

Are you the lucky winner!?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Take It To The Streets Pt. I

Here are a few photos that I took while I was out and about in the lovely city of wind!!! In these shots, I try to emphasis how colorful fashion can be. Thus, fashion comes in many different styles and vice versa (lol but serious...ponder on that for a minute please). Nonetheless, this is the belief that I have adopted considering the notion that fashion, in my opinion, has no set rules or boundaries.

Thrifted glasses, vintage jewelry and accessories, Forever 21 necklace, dress, and denim jacket, Kenneth Cole sandals...who says you can't wear silver and gold together!?
Here's a little secret about me, I never wear silver unless I pair it with something gold...so make your own rules!

It was a lovely day to take pics in the park :-)

Take It To The Streets: Part I cont.

The birthday girl, Alexis, and her bff, Angela, looking good after wining and dining at McCormick & Schmick's Restaurant

My girl Alexis looking "sweet and simple" (lol) in her blue, white, and red

A little red goes a long way!

Braided updo styles are so trend right now...and my girl, Angela, is definitely rocking it well

I love how she paired this cute canary yellow dress with these floral print JC Lita's!

JC Lita's...my addiction!!!

Ladies, who says you can't look fab being pregnant!!! My girl, Latrice, aka my "Bad Mama-Jama" is rocking the mess out of these heels while carrying baby Trenton, and Daddy Phil is playing it neutral in his tan, black, and brown. Don't you just love how they are matching :-)

Sunday's best by the Rev E.F.

Every man should have a well tailored suit in his closet!!
Check out the silk tie!
It's okay to loosen up a bit in your Sunday's best according to the Rev. Joe.
Ties and timepieces are a staple in every man's wardrobe!


Take It To The Streets: Part I cont.

I'm in love with her style and her jewelry (that she handmade)!!! She has such a beautiful spirit.
Check out her website at www.kfleye.com

Dinner date with my boo, Ashley Delancia, looking haute as usual

Hats and feathers are fashion essentials for any time of the year

I love the color combo on these night walkers!!!

Night walkers by day

My lil play sis/mentee, Marissa, always looks good in nude!!!
 I'm loving the subtle pops of color that she is giving me in her shoes and jewelry!

Take It To The Streets: Part I cont.

African inspired fashion and natural hair fashion show in Austin. There's beauty and positivity even in the hood! I love this designer's work!!

I'm just loving her mini fro!!! Check out this psychodelic inspired print...this look will be on trend for Fall 2012!

Hot pink and strong shoulders!!!

African inspired tube top mini dress...perfect for the Summer!

This is the designer, and she is rocking this dress with the pops of fuschia!!!
Check out the print in her handbag also!!