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Makeup Artistry at its BEST: Julia Jovone Makeup by Julia "JSoul"

Julia "JSoul" Davis
"Beauty is SOUL Deep." -Me
Welcome back! Let me first take the time out to thank everyone that has been following and supporting my blog. You all really do not know how much that truly means to me. I am always amazed by the smallest treasures, and I treasure each and every last one of you :-).
Speaking of treasures, I am elated to write this piece on a special individual that I know on a personal level. This young lady is very talented, vivacious, ambitious, and my cousin/role model. Her name is Julia Jovone Davis. If you are not familiar with the name, you shall become acquainted after reading this blog post. This will probably be my favorite feature that I will ever post because this is the person that inspires me the most...and she may not even know it lol. Every since I was a little girl, I have always looked up to my big cuz (I won't disclose her nickname lol). Her success story motivates me daily, and she has yet to reach the peak of her success! There is so much more to come from her, so please be on the look out for even greater things! Trust me. Well I will not hold up much more time/space, so please continue to read on and leave plenty of comments at the end :-).
Julia "JSoul"
Me: Tell me a little about yourself.

Julia: Well a lady never discusses her age :) j/k. I'm 34 years beautiful. I'm an Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist here in NYC, and loving every bit of life, motherhood, & being the only child.

Me: Where are you from, and where do you currently reside? 

Julia: I'm From Chicago, but I am currently living my dreams in New York City- in my loving HARLEM Neighborhood.

Me: What is your educational/occupational background? 

Julia: Life has been very educational for me lol. I've done basically everything I've ever wanted to do, from Retail to Executive Administrative Assistant at the finest hotels in Chicago.

Me: What are your non-professional interests? 

Julia: Hmmm...where do I start. I was always a Dancer since I was 3. It was my major in high school. I still love to dance, when I have time :). I also love to read inspirational books to keep my mind positive.

Me: When did you realize that you wanted to become a makeup artist? And how did you get into makeup artistry?

Julia: Playing in my mother's Avon makeup back in the 80's lol. She always had a great sense of style and sophistication. I started taking it serious back in 2000. I realized that I wanted to become a makeup artist when my friends always wanted me to get them ready for parties. I figured I would start charging everyone $10, but then I was not aware of what to charge people for my services. I really enjoyed making people feel even more confident about themselves. Their entire attitude would change when they would get up from having their makeup done by me.

Me: Where does the name, Julia Jovone, come from?

Julia: My Mom named me.  I am named after my great great grandmother & Grandmother Julia, whom I was very close to all of my growing up. Julia also means "youthful." I hope I can maintain that "youthful feeling" forever :). My mom got Jovone from that famous 70's perfume. (Shaking my head) I didn't start using my middle name until recently.

Me: What inspires you most as a makeup artist?

Julia: I love ALL things beauty...from fashion, old classical movies, magazines, etc.

Me: What sets you apart from other makeup artists?

Julia: I'm very original and take pride in my art and in my clients' needs. I am one on one with my clients. I want to be sure to deliver my clients' wants without overpowering their beauty. I specialize in enhancing their natural beauty that doesn't overpower their individual style.

Me: What are some of your accomplishments as a makeup artist?

Julia: As of October 2011, I've worked for ABC daytime Soap Opera "One Life to Live" for 6 years and won an Emmy Award in 2009 for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup Artistry for a Drama Series. I was also Nominated again this Summer 2011.  Some of my other accomplishments to name are: Good Morning America, World News, Lee Daniels Film " Precious" (including a small role), and Extra Man starring Katie Holmes & Kevin Kline. For the Past 3 years I've had the opportunity to work & ring in the New Year with  Dick Clark & Ryan Seacrest's "Rockin Eve" working with Lionel Ritchie,  Melissa Rycroft, and the famous Jennifer Lopez dancers. My work has graced the pages of Vibe Magazine, Ok Magazine, InStyle Makeover Magazine, and a few music videos.

Me: Who has been some of your favorite client(s) to work with, and why?

Julia: I absolute loved working on the film, Precious. Being able to work with such a wonderful Director, Lee Daniels, on set was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I also enjoy working with my friend & client Tika Sumpter. With our busy lives, we barely have time to catch up, so when it's time to prep her for her Red Carpet appearances we play catch up. I adore those moments.

Actress, Tika Sumpter
I also enjoy working with my client, Nafessa Williams (or Deanna), of One Life to Live. I love her spirit and her lashes. Her features are amazing. Sometimes, on set, I have to tone her makeup down so that I don't overpower her character's look.

Actress, Nafessa Williams
Actress, Nafessa Williams again

Me: What matters to you most as a makeup artist?

Julia: Making sure my clients are welcomed & comfortable. A positive atmosphere helps as well.

Me: If you could describe your makeup line in one word, what would it be and why?

Julia: Wow...I have so many because this is a great achievement. I would have to say "epic!" I dedicated my makeup line to my beloved grandmother. She was always there for me through all the achievements and great events it took to get this far. Her memory has helped me to elevate Julia Jovone, the makeup line, with style & poise so that I can share with women of all nationalities all over the world.

Me: How would you define your personal style?

Julia: My personal style is "freedom" to just be yourself. I am a bit edgy yet Bohemian Chic.

Me: What advice do you have for aspiring makeup artists?

Julia: Trial and Error. You will not learn unless you try. And always ask questions. Your face is your canvas to practice on daily. You always have great friends to practice on as well.

Me: What is next for you, and your makeup line?

Julia: As of now, Julia Jovone Creme Sheen Lipstick  in "Kiss N Tell" $14 is featured in InStyle Makeover Magazine's Fall Issue. The online beauty boutique will be ready to launch in September 2011, just in time for Fall. 

I am also working with Poize Magazine as the new Beauty Editor. My first article will be available in October 2011. Be sure to check out and subscribe TODAY!

I am still on someone's Tv/Film set or photo shoot :)

Me: Where can readers find out more about you and your work? 

Julia: You can check out, or visit the online boutique that is set to launch this September 2011

 Love Jones Girlz

Actress & Singer, Margot Bingham


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