Tuesday, January 3, 2012

An Ode To My Strong Black Brothers

An ode to my strong black brothers
My brothers, my brothers
I would rather have you than any others
Be you decked out Italian designed three piece silk suits
Or chillin round the way in wife beaters, low rise jeans and boots

Majestic mentors
Stronghold strategists
Poetic alchemists
Stalwart soldiers in life’s army
Winning wars against an unseen enemy
Wield their vocal chords like swords
Speaking up and speaking out
Executed with diplomacy or wiling the hell out

It isn’t common sense you lack
Give you credit where credit is due
Not bullshit, drama or flack
Young or old, gifted and black
Diamonds in the rough
Undiscovered gems
Uncharted depths

My kings, my kings
In all their different hues
Be you high stepping or singing the blues
Deserve all the riches and praises
Cuz you have already paid the dues
Perfect complement to my queendom
Holding it down
Down for whatever
Never put another above you
Proud to know you
Honored to love you
My strong black brothers

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